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    How To Remove Oven Door Glass For Cleaning

    When it’s time to give the oven on your Leisure range cooker a thorough deep clean, the door glass is easy to remove, which enables you to clean inside and out and remove any residual food particles and odours. The glass doors on our Leisure ovens allow you to easily check on the progress of your food while it is cooking so it’s worth keeping them smudge and dirt free.

    Steps to Remove Oven Door Glass For Cleaning

    1. Disconnect oven and make sure it’s cool
    2. Open the oven door
    3. Remove the screws on the top of the door with a screwdriver
    4. Hold the inner door glass then remove the profile that holds the top of the glass in place
    5. Remove the glass with care and place it on a clean towel for washing
    6. Wash the glass using washing up liquid, warm water and a non-abrasive cloth
    7. Dry the glass
    8. Replace the clean glass and then the profile
    9. Replace the screws using a screwdriver

    Note: for the grill, make sure to hold the door in place to prevent it from slamming.