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    Energy Efficient Cooking

    Energy Efficient Cooking

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    Explore Leisure’s Versatile Range Cookers and Energy Efficiency Tips

    At Leisure, we know your range cooker is more than just, a kitchen appliance; it’s a stylish centrepiece that unleashes your culinary potential. Our handy energy efficiency guide offers all the information you need to maximise your appliance’s capabilities without compromising your cooking experience.


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    Available in various styles, sizes and colours, all our range cooker ovens are either A or A+ rated, making finding your dream cooker a piece of cake!

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    STYLISH RANGE COOKERS AVAILABLE in a variety of fuel types

    Choose from various fuel types to expertly cater to your cooking preference and energy efficiency goals.

    Save energy with our induction range cookers!

    Fuelled by electromagnetic technology, our induction range cookers deliver direct heat to your pans, minimising energy wastage by eliminating the need to heat the surrounding air.

    These cookers perfectly combine efficiency and functionality, providing rapid heat-up times and empowering you to cook quickly and confidently.

    Induction Range Cooker

    Top tips on how to use your
    range cooker more effectively

    These expert tricks will enhance your cooking experience, helping you use your range cooker more effectively.

    Pre Heat

    Avoid pre-heating to
    reduce energy consumption

    While some recipes may demand it, many dishes can be prepared without pre-heating. Instead, adjust the cooking time slightly to allow the oven to heat up as your food cooks.

    Clean regularly


    Show your range cooker some love by cleaning its hob and ovens. A sparkling clean appliance ensures peak performance, whilst also extending its lifespan.

    Keep the oven door closed

    Keep the oven
    door closed

    Opening your oven door frequently results in significant heat loss. Our range cookers feature glass-fronted doors that allow you to keep an eye on your culinary masterpieces without losing heat.

    Use the timer

    Use the

    Use the built-in timer on your range cooker to create mouth-watering results while minimising energy wastage. Our range cookers feature modern electric timers for precise tracking of your food.

    Cooking Modes

    Experiment with different
    cooking modes

    Experimenting with different cooking modes can help you achieve perfect cooking results. Some of our range cookers feature a slow-cooking setting for preparing stews and casseroles at a minimum temperature of 50 °C.

    Range cooker’s features

    Utilise your range
    cooker’s features

    Make use of your range cooker’s features for energy-efficient cooking. Use the warming zone to keep your dishes hot and the griddle plate or wok burner for fast cooking.

    Cook Pan

    Remove unnecessary
    pans and trays

    Remove unnecessary pans and trays from your oven during cooking to maximise air circulation and speed up cooking times. Explore our range cookers that feature a handy storage compartment for accessories.

    Wok  Pan

    Use an appropriately
    sized burner

    Choose a hob burner or zone that matches the size of your cookware. Avoid using a small burner for a large pot, as this can lead to prolonged cooking times and unnecessary energy consumption.

    Batch Cooking

    Optimise batch

    Maximise your range cooker’s efficiency with batch cooking. Make use of the oven’s capacity by preparing multiple dishes at once. This will save time and energy, whilst also allowing for convenient meal planning throughout the week.

    By following these tips, you can enhance the efficiency of your range cooker without compromising performance.

    From choosing the right fuel type to harnessing your appliance’s features, these changes can contribute to reducing your energy consumption and keeping your energy bills in check.

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