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Our black range cooker collection offers stylish, flexible cooking solutions for everyone. Practical, robust and easy to keep clean range cookers - classic black is at home in any kitchen.

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Black doesn’t have to mean boring - our black range cookers are available in chic classic styles, cutting edge contemporary and traditional range designs. So whether you’re looking for a sleek modern edge or vintage curves, you’ll find a Leisure range cooker that’s perfect for you. Our black cooker finishes resist staining and won’t show up marks and grease spots – making them a practical and elegant colour choice for the modern kitchen.

They say that black goes with everything – a wardrobe essential – and Leisure’s black range cooker collection is an instant colour match whatever your kitchen’s size and style. They’re available in four width sizes – slimline 60cm for smaller kitchens, classic 90cm range cookers, stylish 100cm and large capacity 110cm for serious food fans and families.

With multiple ovens and up to seven hobs available, you’ll always have the freedom to cook what you want, how you want, for as many people as you like. Choose from fan assisted and conventional ovens, dedicated grills to allow you to grill and bake at the same time, as well as handy extras like hob top griddles and wok burners.

And say goodbye to hard work oven cleaning. Every black range cooker is fitted with our specially coated Cook Clean Catalytic Liners. They burn off grease, fat and grime at high temperatures, meaning no more tough scrubbing, while clever removable inner door glass makes it easy to keep oven doors sparkling.

For the ultimate in flexible cooking, our black range cookers are available as part of our dual fuel range cooker collection, so you can get the best of both fuels, as well as electric and gas-only models too.

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