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    of our customers recommend Leisure

    “Designed my new kitchen round my Leisure range and what a statement it makes. Love it.”
    Ruth, Forfar Five stars
    “A lovely cooker. Easy to use and a great upgrade from my regular cooker. I love to cook and bake and now I can do both at the same time!! Very happy and would recommend.”
    Michael, Burham Five stars
    “It looks really stylish and is very easy to use, we bought it to replace our old range style cooker and this new one seems a lot more solid.”
    Kellie, Devon Five stars
    “This range cooker is super economic and easy to use, looks great and has enough ovens and rings to cover any event. Best buy for our kitchen!”
    David, Bodmin Five stars

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    The Leisure Range

    No matter the size of your kitchen or family, the show-stopping versatility of a Leisure range cooker will turn manic mealtimes into memorable family moments. Each of our range cookers are prepared with methodical care, seasoned with thoughtfully selected, refined technologies and garnished with both classic and modern designs.

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