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Our dual fuel range cookers give you the best of both worlds, adding even more flexibility to our highly versatile range cookers. Enjoy the instant temperature, easy control and even heat distribution of a gas hob without sacrificing the benefits of an electric cooker.

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Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Dual fuel range cookers offer the performance and convenience of both an electric oven and a gas hob in one standalone unit, further enhancing the experience of owning a versatile range cooker.

What is a dual fuel range cooker?

‘Dual fuel’ means these ovens aren’t limited to either electric or gas cooking. Instead, they combine the power, speed and responsiveness of gas burners with the ease and consistency of fan-assisted and conventional electric ovens.

Features and functions you’ll enjoy from a Leisure dual fuel range cooker can include:

  • Conventional, fan and multifunction ovens 
  • Up to seven gas burners with extended ceramic zones
  • Telescopic oven shelves
  • Griddle plate, cast iron pan supports and wok burners
  • Fan cooking for faster and more even heating
  • Conventional top and bottom heating elements for baking and traditional cooking techniques
  • Cook Clean liners and removable glass inner doors
  • Fully programmable oven timer

A range cooker is a more versatile and stylish freestanding solution to a standard built-in oven. You’ll find a more detailed answer to the question ‘What is a range cooker?’ in our dedicated Range Cookers Buyer’s Guide.

What are the advantages of dual fuel range cookers?

Dual fuel range cookers are all about convenience and versatility.

The rapid, responsive temperature adjustments of a gas hob are incredibly handy when cooking a broad array of dishes. Gas burners provide instant on-off heat at the exact moment you want it - they’re incredibly easy to control and adjust, with immediate visual feedback.

Meanwhile, an electric oven offers fan-assisted and conventional heating options at the touch of a button. This helps roasted or baked dishes cook more evenly, and gives you increased choice over how you position them in the oven, for more accurate temperature control.

Leisure dual fuel range cookers

A dual fuel range cooker from Leisure makes multitasking effortless, saving you time and stress every day. Offering up to three ovens and an array of gas burners at your disposal, even the most ambitious dinner party or large family roast becomes a breeze.

Our collection also boasts a wide variety of traditional and modern styles, colours and features - you’ll have no trouble finding the best dual fuel range cooker to complement your approach to both cooking and home decor.

Alongside our dual fuel models, the full Leisure collection also includes elegant electric range cookers, modern induction range cookers and traditional gas range cookers.

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