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    Discover our guides on how to clean your range cooker to keep your kitchen centrepiece looking its best. We also have step-by-step instructions on how to use the griddle for barbeque style cooking indoors, and how to set the timer to help stay on top of your cooking times.

    • How To Set The Oven Alarm

      Our busy lives require us to keep track of many things including how long it takes to cook a Sunday roast

    • How To Remove Oven Door Glass For Cleaning

      When it’s time to give the oven on your Leisure cooker a deep clean

    • Setting The Oven To Turn Off Automatically

      Programme the bottom oven on your range cooker

    • Ceramic and Induction Hob Cleaning Guide

      High performance cooking requires a pristine environment

    • How To Clean Range Cooker Side Racks

      For a deeper clean remove the shelves and follow these instructions

    • Using the Griddle With A Range Cooker

      Fancy some steak and ribs or a traditional English breakfast fry up?

    • How To Set The Clock On A Range Cooker

      Before you can start cooking you must first set the time on your range cooker