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Stainless steel has been the favoured finish of professional kitchens for decades thanks to its long life span, easy-cleaning and hygienic properties. Our stainless steel range cookers combine all the advantages of a stainless steel finish with classic range looks.

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Stainless steel not only looks great, it offers a range of practical properties perfect for kitchens too. Non-porous, it resists bacteria and germs more effectively than wood or plastic surfaces. It’s easy to wipe clean, scrubbing won’t damage the finish, and it’s hard-wearing for serious longevity, even in the toughest of kitchen environments.

Our stainless steel range cooker collection features diverse and distinctive cooker designs, from traditional to striking, contemporary looks, so you can enjoy the benefits of a tough stainless finish without compromising on style.

From gas range cookers and all-electric cookers to dual fuel, if you want the power of both, we give you all the options you need to create dishes you dream of. Double or multi-ovens give you great capacity and flexibility in the kitchen. Fan-assisted ovens offer speedier cooking, conventional ovens are perfect for home baking, and dedicated grills mean you can grill and bake at the same time. With up to seven hobs available, as well as hob top griddles and wok burners, our stainless steel range cookers deliver all the hob top space and power you want.

Available in four sizes to fit your kitchen – from slimline 60cm up to large capacity 110cm range cookers, our stainless steel collection is designed to be at home in any home. Not just an easy fit, but also easy to clean, all of our stainless steel range cookers come with removable inner door glass and Cook Clean Catalytic Liners. These liners burn off fat, grease and grime at high temperatures, so there’s finally no more need for serious scrubbing.

Whether it’s a large model for your family home or a slimline model to fit snugly into your city apartment, our stainless steel range cookers add a sleek and professional feel to your kitchen, instantly.

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