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    A Leisure Range cooker in a kitchen

    The Leisure range

    No matter the size of your kitchen or family, the show-stopping versatility of a Leisure range cooker will turn manic mealtimes into memorable family moments. Each of our range cookers are prepared with methodical care, seasoned with refined technologies, and garnished with both classic and modern designs.

    A Leisure Range cooker in a kitchen

    Your ideal width

    We have a range cooker to suit any space. Our cookers come in a choice of sizes, from the range-style 60cm cooker to full-size range cookers in 90cm, 100cm, and 110cm.

    A hob cooking food

    Pick your fuel type

    From gas and electric to dual fuel and induction hob, Leisure range cookers are available with various fuel types, meaning you can prepare food just as you want.

    A Leisure Range cooker in a kitchen

    Add a splash of colour

    No matter the style of your kitchen, a Leisure range cooker will be the star of the show with a choice of 6 colours, including timeless black, traditional cream, stainless steel, silver, blue, and red.

    Main features & technology

    Versatility and flexibility

    With multiple static and fan ovens, wok burners, grills, griddles, large hobs, and several other features, our Leisure range cookers offer ultimate cooking flexibility, allowing you to whip up a wider range and quantity of dishes catering for the whole family.

    A hob and burner with skewers being cooked

    Cook Clean liners

    Oven cleaning is no ones favourite pastime – so we’ve incorporated Cook Clean liners into the majority of our ovens, alongside easy to remove glass doors. These handy liners catch all your cooking spills and splashes, saving valuable time. What’s more, there’s no need to run a special cleaning cycle as, once the oven is turned on, excess food is simply burnt off the liners. So, you can just cook, letting the oven do the hard work for you.

    A hob and burner with skewers being cooked
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