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    What Coloured Cooker Would Work in Your Kitchen?

    At Leisure, we understand that your cooker is more than just an appliance, which means that people want the option of more than just the standard white goods look. Our range cookers come in various colours, including black, silver, cream, steel, anthracite, red and blue. With so much to choose from we know it can be tricky picking the perfect colour for your home while renovating your kitchen or simply updating it. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few thinking points to help you make the right decision.


    If you’ve gone for the typical modern look, which makes use of neutral colours, minimalist design and plentiful use of glass and metal, then the most obvious choices will be greyscale. This means going for black, silver, stainless steel or anthracite. These colours are designed to blend flawlessly into a sleek, modern kitchen that’s designed to feel timeless. Matching stainless steel to steel fixtures and handles can be a great way of tying the room together, for example. Alternatively, choose a black range cooker that matches beautifully with white marble worktops and blue cupboard doors . Anthracite is also a really good match for some of the more traditional stone and stone-effect kitchen worktops on the market.


    Traditional kitchens tend to make use of wood, as well as more decorative features and ornamental details. Naturally, the range cooker colour will need to complement this aesthetic. Traditional range cookers tend to make lots of use of glossy enamel, which is why our cream range cookers make for a wonderful choice in more traditional kitchens. They offer all of the performance and versatility of a modern cooker, but with the style of a traditional range. Black is versatile enough to work anywhere, and if your traditional kitchen makes use of colour, then red or blue could also make for an attractive centrepiece to the space. You can also use red or blue as a secondary colour, used throughout the space as a highlight.


    We love to see how people make the kitchen their own space, and having a cooker that reflects the personality of the space is a delight. If you’re big on colour, then our red and blue range cookers are a great choice. You can either use them as part of an overall colour scheme, or you can leave them as the only significant colour in the whole room. This allows you to use them either as a matching part of the decor, or a centrepiece that forms the focus of the room. But if you’ve got eclectic taste, then just about any colour could work!