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    What Is The Most Popular Colour For A Kitchen

    Picking kitchen colours is no easy task. When browsing anything from paints, to worktops, to appliances, there’s a wealth to choose from. For this reason, many people choose to go with what’s popular, particularly if they’re struggling to make a decision. In truth, there’s no one colour that’s the most popular, but there are a few that you’ll find are the most common. Often this is because they’re seen as timeless, or a long-term trend. If you’re looking for inspiration for your refresh, then this is a great place to start.


    White Kitchen

    What’s the most popular kitchen colour? If you really pushed for an answer, it’s probably white. White is ever-popular, and remains one of the most common choices here in the UK, whether it’s on the walls, work surfaces or cupboards. Why? Because white is the most neutral of neutral colours, allowing it to work with any additional design element. Whether you want bold accents, or you’re one for putting art on the walls, white makes for a great backdrop. Here at Leisure, we place a big focus on the way that our range cookers look. Imagine white cupboards with one of our black, blue or red range cookers as a centrepiece.

    White is also a really good choice for those who like to change the style of their kitchen regularly. You can easily swap out a few elements of the kitchen to freshen things without having to make major changes. It’s also popular because it evokes a sense of cleanliness and minimalism.


    Grey Kitchen

    Grey is one of the most popular colours for any room in 2020. Similar to white, it’s often chosen because it works really well with other colours. You’ll find that lots of showrooms - both for kitchens and other spaces - make plentiful use of grey.

    There are of course a couple of options here too. You can either go with lighter greys, which bring a modern and minimal feel, or darker greys which work well with lighter coloured woods. Grey walls do work, but generally are best when in lighter tones to avoid making the room feel dark. And of course, natural grey granite worktops are ever-popular and timeless.

    Earthy hues

    Earthy Hues Kitchen

    A real focus on environmentalism has meant that there’s an increasing trend towards bringing natural elements into the home. And of course, colour can play an important role here. Dark browns have in the past been associated with more traditional kitchens that feature vintage wood and styling. But when incorporated with a real eye for design, earthy browns and greens can feel modern and fresh. We’d recommend pairing such colours with our cream, black or anthracite leisure cookers to ensure thematic consistency.

    Dark blue

    Dark Blue Kitchen

    Dark blue can lend a truly classy feel to your kitchen, especially when contrasted with lighter creams and beiges. It’s a great option for the cupboard doors of your space, where it can be contrasted with wooden furniture and countertops. Light greys are another good colour to bring into play when working with dark blue. When it comes to your range cooker, cream is a fantastic contrast to dark blue, giving a classy and traditional look.

    Two tone

    Two Tone Kitchen

    Not a colour in itself, but nonetheless inspirational, we’ve seen a real trend for two tone kitchens recently, which is likely to continue. People are increasingly choosing to pair two colours together, as a response to the more conservative and modern style that many of us will be used to. It can be tricky to get this right - you want to avoid a clash, as well as ensure that you’re not going to get quickly bored of the colours. Go overly bold, and you could find that they look dated quickly too.