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    Family Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

    Designing a new kitchen is really exciting, but it can take a lot of careful thought to get it right. It’s tricky enough when you’re only creating a space for yourself or you and your partner, but when you need to accommodate the whole family, it definitely pays to think things through.

    Here at Leisure, we believe that our range cookers are an integral part of the family home, which means we’ve made sure they cater for the family. But if you need a little help with other aspects of the kitchen’s design, then have a think about the following three points.

    1. The working triangle

    When it comes to family life in a kitchen, there’s no doubt that practicality is vital. Just as you can’t fit a family in a sports car, you can’t fit a family in a kitchen that’s been designed only for looks. And the very best way of ensuring that practicality is tip top, is by thinking about what’s called the working triangle.

    You might be familiar with this if you’ve looked into kitchen planning before, but it’s a fairly simple idea. Essentially, you want to create an invisible triangle of space, with each corner of the triangle being one of the three most important areas in the kitchen. Generally, this will be the fridge, the hob or cooker, and the sink. This triangle should be unobstructed by anything else, shouldn’t be too large, and ideally doesn’t overlap with a thoroughfare. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure efficient cooking, and will be able to keep the cooking process away from family members passing through.

    2. Hard-wearing fittings

    Family life can be hectic, and of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen will often bear the brunt. Food and drink will get spilled, muddy boots might stomp across the floor, and your kitchen might even see the odd food fight! Therefore it’s really important to think about what the elements are that make up your kitchen, because if it’s going to last, quality will be really important. Any family kitchen ideas need to take wear into account, though our range cookers are particularly durable, so might be a good place to start.

    While we’re on this subject, it’s also worth giving some thought to cleanliness. Overly detailed kitchens are more difficult, and take longer, to clean, which is not something you’ll want to have to worry about. We’d recommend sticking with smooth and simple surfaces wherever you can, to make the task easier.

    3. A space for everyone

    Budding young chefs will really appreciate it if you can make the kitchen a space that’s theirs too, which means thinking carefully about how you can make the space child-friendly. Consider a few large, lower drawers that contain cooking equipment that they are allowed to use (while supervised of course), like baking trays and cookie templates. And when it comes to units like breakfast bars, don’t go for high stools if they’ll be difficult for children to use. You’ll also want to avoid sharp worktop corners if little heads will be at the same height, and soft-close doors and drawers can help keep little fingers safe.