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    How Can Kitchen Improvements Increase Your Home Value

    Home improvements are a great investment, as they’re something that you can enjoy, but they’re also something that can add value to your home. As the design and layout of the kitchen is one of the top priorities when people purchase a house, it stands to reason that a well specified kitchen can really add value to the home, which is great for resale in the future.

    It’s not all about the size of the space either - what’s in it can really make a difference to the estate agent’s valuation, or indeed a potential buyer’s desire to purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the main ways that kitchen improvements can improve home value.

    Creating space

    Kitchen space is one of the top priorities when people buy a home . It makes food easier to prepare, entertaining more fun, and gives the home a more luxurious feel. It stands to reason then, that if you can make more space in the kitchen area, you can add value to the home.

    Now, this isn’t always an easy thing to do for obvious reasons. You may be in a lucky enough position to fully renovate, which means knocking down adjoining walls to create a much larger space. Rarely used downstairs rooms or hallways for instance make for a good candidate. However, if you don’t have the space to expand, then it may be a case of thinking carefully of smaller changes that you can make to open up the space. Is there, for example, a small island that gets used for little more than clutter? A range cooker might seem like a strange choice if space is at a premium, but a more compact version is only 30cm bigger than a standard oven or cooker and will give you so much more flexibility and space.

    Timeless design

    If you have a wonderfully designed kitchen, then there is no doubt that it will add value to the home. One of the main priorities here is to make things as timeless as you can. You may be thinking of contemporary home improvements, but you might need them to still impress in ten years or more. Make the kitchen design too quirky or of its time, and it may simply not be that attractive in the future. It’s always worth consulting designers when conducting a full renovation.

    Quality fittings & appliances

    The feel of quality is also really important for giving value to a home. Cheaper fittings will wear out quicker, and simply won’t add as much value to your property. By giving some real attention to detail, you can ensure that every inch of the kitchen has been considered, from the cupboard handles and taps, to built-in and freestanding appliances. Here at Leisure, we’re very pleased to have been developing our products for more than a century, which means that we place a priority on quality. Choose products such as our range cookers to give a real quality feel to your kitchen, as well as ensuring it has premium value. All of our cookers feature innovative modern technology that will help cook up a feast in next to no time.