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    Range Cooker Budget Guide

    Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen, or simply looking to replace an existing cooker in your home, you may find yourself questioning how much a range cooker costs. Buying a new range cooker is a big investment and there are numerous factors to consider to ensure you are making an informed purchasing decision. With a variety of sizes, styles, colours and fuel types to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect Leisure range cooker with our extensive range. To help you learn more, we’ve pulled together this informative guide that explains how much range cookers cost, offering all the information you’ll need to know before committing to a new appliance purchase.

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    How much is a range cooker?

    At Leisure, there is a range cooker to suit almost all budgets. Whether you’re looking to purchase the latest, top-of-the range 110cm range cooker, or are considering a smaller, more conservative, 60cm range-style cooker, there’s a Leisure appliance for every home. The price of a range cooker depends on the fuel type, number of ovens or cavities, and width of the appliance. In general, the price of a Leisure range cooker ranges from £899-£1,799.1

    While our 60cm models are slightly cheaper, due to their smaller size, Leisure range cookers with induction hobs are slightly more expensive, reaching around £1,500-£1,799. In addition to the upfront cost of a range cooker, there are additional fees that must be considered, such as installation, maintenance, and running costs.

    Whilst range cookers do come with a high price tag, it is worth remembering that a range cooker contains numerous oven cavities, a grill, and a dedicated hob area all in one appliance. Therefore, when considering a range cooker purchase, you should compare the price against the amount of money it would cost to purchase an individual hob, grill, and single/double oven or a built-in oven.

    Range Cooker Installation Costs

    Before purchasing a range cooker, it is important to understand that the delivery and installation of the appliance will incur additional costs. Whilst you can reach out to local tradespeople to assist with the installation of your new range cooker, most retailers will deliver and install your appliance as an extra service as part of your purchase. The price for installation usually starts from around £100. Using your retailer’s services may make the installation process more streamlined but it is worth noting that their services may be significantly more expensive than private workers. When considering your options, it is important to read reviews and find tradesmen that are experienced and qualified to install your range cooker safely and effectively.

    Consider signing up to the retailer's mailing list so you're always quick to know about any flash sales they may be running. When it comes to Black Friday deals, proceed with caution and do your research, some studies suggest that retailers can often hike up their prices with simply an illusion of saving money.

    Cost effective range cookers

    Dual fuel, electric or gas range cooker: Which is more cost effective?

    Leisure range cookers are available with three different fuel types: gas, electric, and dual fuel. Before purchasing a new range cooker, it is important to consider which fuel type would work best for your personal cooking needs. Whilst some prefer the traditional feel of a gas range cooker, others wish to opt for a more modern electric or dual fuel range cooker. All Leisure range cookers are designed to offer ultimate cooking flexibility and each fuel type offers its own benefits.

    The fuel type of your perfect range cooker will likely depend on your individual preferences. Overall, all three types of range cookers use roughly the same amount of energy. However, the higher price of electricity makes electric range cookers quite costly to run. As a result, gas range cookers tend to be more cost effective than dual fuel and electric range cookers. It is worth noting that gas cookers do require access to a mains supply, and, with the current rising cost of gas, the above statement may be subject to change.

    Ultimately, it is important to compare the individual energy ratings of different models before purchasing a new range cooker. All Leisure range cooker ovens have an A or A+ energy rating. Opting for a model with a higher energy efficiency can save you money on your energy bills, whilst also helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

    How much do range cookers cost to run?

    As aforementioned, the running costs of a range cooker depend greatly on the fuel type used by the appliance. Running costs will also depend on how much the appliance is used. For example, a family of three that only uses their cooker for small dinners would find that the running cost of their range cooker would be lower than the running cost of a range cooker used by an avid cook that hosts frequent large dinner parties. To make sure you purchase the most cost-efficient range cooker for your home, be sure to compare the individual energy ratings of different models.

    To keep your range cooker working and looking its best, you may wish to pay a professional to clean your appliance once or twice a year. However, whilst some people prefer to have their ovens cleaned professionally, it is quite easy and much more affordable to clean your range cooker yourself. A large selection of our range cookers feature helpful cleaning technologies, such as catalytic liners, that catch grease and dirt inside the oven. To learn how to clean a range cooker oven, please read our informative cleaning how to guide.

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    Running costs compared to a conventional oven

    Range cookers are often seen as an attractive choice for cooking enthusiasts due to their versatility, style, and performance. However, when looking at running costs, it’s hard to accurately compare a range cooker to a standard oven.

    In general, range cookers have an advantage over the traditional oven due to their ability to provide various oven options, allowing you to select the cavity that suits your requirements the most. For example, some range cookers come with tall ovens for cooking multiple meals at once, while you can user smaller cavities for smaller portions. This flexibility allows you to be more efficient with your cooking, as you can choose the oven size that best matches the meal you are preparing, saving energy in the process.

    Before purchasing a range cooker, take a look at the model’s energy ratings and compare these to the energy ratings of a conventional oven. This should give you a more like-for-like comparison of the two different appliance types.

    Why Leisure range cookers are good value

    No matter the size of your kitchen, budget, or family, there’s a Leisure range cooker for every home. Each of our range cookers are prepared with methodical care and feature thoughtfully designed, innovative technologies that are designed to make your life easier. Here at Leisure we pride ourselves in the quality and durability of our appliances. Our range cookers are built to last and will ultimately save you money in the long run. Use our range cooker selector tool and discover your perfect Leisure range cooker today!

    1 Please note, the price range disclosed is subject to change.