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    How-to Thoroughly Clean Your Range Cooker

    How to thoroughly clean your range cooker

    Keeping your range cooker in pristine condition means that you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Traditionally, cleaning the cooker is one of the most time-consuming jobs in the kitchen, but armed with a little knowhow and new technology, cleaning your Leisure cooker can be no trouble at all. Let’s take a look at how to clean range cookers.

    Ovens and Grills

    Ovens and Grills

    Perhaps the most obvious element of the oven that will need cleaning is the glass. However, it’s actually really easy to clean, and you can get great results without much work. On most Leisure cookers, all you’ll need to do is to unscrew the screws on the top of each oven door, remove the retaining profile, and slide out the glass. Cleaning should be done with warm soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

    Oven walls are similarly straightforward. Once they’re cool, they can be cleaned with a cloth that’s been soaked in soapy water. Some ovens have racks that you can remove by sliding them out. This is done by pulling the metal away from the wall, and then towards you. These can then be cleaned separately.

    Note that some ovens will feature catalytic walls on the interior. These are self-cleaning and should not be cleaned. You can recognise these by their matte, porous finish.

    Hobs and Burners

    Hobs and Burners

    The hob is usually one of the least enjoyable cleaning tasks in the kitchen, but with a little technique and the right cleaning product, it can be a quick and easy job. For gas hobs, once the surface is cool, remove all burner caps and pan supports. You’ll need nothing else but a damp cloth and washing up liquid to give these, along with the hob surface, a good clean. Take care to ensure the burner caps are seated properly when finished.

    Ceramic and induction range cooker hobs are naturally a little easier to clean, which is one of their attractions. However, there are a couple of things to think about. Being safe is always of paramount importance, which is why we recommend disconnecting the cooker from the mains electricity supply before you start. You must also ensure that the surface has cooled fully. Once it has, simply wipe over the hob with a microfibre cloth that has soaked in warm water and washing up liquid. To ensure a shiny and streak-free finish, dry off the surface with a soft cloth.



    If your cooker is to maintain pride of place in the kitchen, it’s important to keep the exterior gleaming. Thankfully, many good cookers come with a painted enamel finish, which is straightforward to clean with a damp, soapy cloth. As with glass surfaces, a quick buff with a soft and non-abrasive cloth can help to leave a gleaming finish.

    There will be knobs and buttons on the front and hob - these should be cleaned carefully with a damp cloth, but should not be removed from control panels as this could cause damage.

    And that’s all there is to range cooker cleaning. Try to avoid harsh cleaning products, use a soft cloth, and disassemble what you can.