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    Integrating Range Cookers Within Island Counters

    Kitchen islands can be the perfect place to integrate a new range cooker. Not only does this look visually pleasing, but it can also be incredibly convenient for your entire kitchen set-up. When inputting a range cooker into an island, there are certain factors you need to consider before beginning the process. In our guide, we cover everything you need to know about integrating range cookers into islands and how to source your dream range cooker with us here at Leisure.

    Can you have range cookers in kitchen islands?

    Put simply, yes. You can make a variety of models of range cookers work with a kitchen island. There are countless designs on offer to fit with any island, no matter the size or style. Many people choose to integrate a range cooker into their island for convenience and aesthetic purposes.

    Why integrating them is beneficial

    There are many benefits to integrating a range cooker in with your kitchen island. Primarily, this is because it can be more convenient for cooking and for aesthetic reasons. For more information on the benefits of installing a range cooker in your kitchen island, please read on:


    There's no denying that range cookers within an island are very visually pleasing. It helps to give a kitchen a modern and stylish look, different from the standard placement of many cookers amid kitchen counters. Range cookers on an island certainly catch the eye whenever you walk into a room.

    Functionality and counter space

    Having your cooker in the centre of your kitchen, as opposed to on the side with the counters, can also be hugely functional and practical. For example, this could make meal prep in the evenings easier. This is especially true if you have a young family, with lots of people running in and out of the kitchen. It also means that you're within closer reach of cupboards and other kitchen utensils to make the cooking process more streamlined.

    Factors to consider during installation

    When installing a range cooker into a kitchen island, it's also important to consider the factors that come with installation:

    Length and depth

    Consider the length and depth of the range cooker you're looking to purchase. Some models are bigger than others and may not fit with the size of your island. It's also worth checking that the island itself is suitable for a range cooker to be installed within it. When looking to purchase your range cooker, make note of the measurements and the size of your island to compare against each other.

    Island Size

    Not every island will work with a range cooker. For example, some smaller islands just can't accommodate a range cooker. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of a smaller kitchen space. For those with a bigger kitchen island, installing a range cooker is a viable option.

    Kitchen design and surrounding space

    It's also vital to consider the overall layout of your kitchen, and whether a range cooker would work both aesthetically and practically. For example, larger kitchens are likely to find more benefits from integrating a range cooker into their island. Smaller kitchens may find that including a large range cooker on the island takes up too much space and leaves little room for food preparation or storage.

    Extraction hood installation

    Most range cookers also require extraction hoods, and this comes at additional costs. Consider not only whether a hood would be necessary for your kitchen, but also if the integration is affordable overall with these extra costs. You should also think about the appearance of an extraction hood, and whether it would take away from the overall look of your kitchen.

    Duct exhaust system

    Alongside considering the installation of an extraction hood, you must also think about whether you would need to install separate vents. Think about how and if this could work with your kitchen set-up and design, and any other costs that may be incurred.

    Finding the perfect hood for island counters

    No matter your kitchen needs, at Leisure we have a variety of range cookers with different oven types that can be easily integrated with island counters. View our range here.

    Want to find a range cooker with the perfect oven to fit in with your kitchen island? Take a look at our range cooker selector tool to choose your ideal model. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to discuss how to integrate one of our range oven cookers with your kitchen island.