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    The Best Local Eats in the UK

    Best local eats in the UK

    Modern UK cuisine draws influences from all over the world. At Leisure, we understand the joys of a good feast, and we think knowing where your food comes from makes for a more satisfying meal.

    To celebrate the diversity of dishes in the UK, we’ve worked with foodie bloggers who have a passion for food and the area they live in. They’ve shared the best places to find the tastiest food and have each produced a delicious dinner party menu using ingredients from the places they call home across the UK.

    They’ve given us their step-by-step guides on how to create a delicious, ethical feast using a range cooker to make light work of the preparation and cooking.

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    How to find ethical eats

    Ethically produced food is growing in popularity, with more and more people wanting to know the provenance of their food. This has led to more places selling ethically produced food. The increased demand means farmer’s markets have been popping up all over the country, and even the big supermarkets have begun moving towards local, ethically-sourced produce.

    One of the easiest ways to eat ethically is to buy local, seasonal produce. Veg grown in the UK will have a smaller carbon footprint than imported produce. It’ll probably taste better too – seasonal, locally grown ingredients are always going to be fresher and tastier than veg that’s been flown halfway across the world.

    The same is true of meat. When you do buy meat, buy meat raised in the UK and if possible, local to you. Your butcher will be able to tell you where the meat was raised, and much of it will be sourced from farms in the surrounding areas. Meat produced in the UK is likely to adhere to higher welfare standards than a lot of other countries. Cutting down to only eating meat once or twice a week can be one of the easiest steps to take towards ethical eatingi.

    If you’d like to find out more about how to select ethical produce, Sustainii , the alliance for better food and farming, have produced an informative ‘Guide to Good Food’iii. It’s full of tips on what to look out for to make sure your plate is as sustainable as it is tasty.

    To find out where to source sustainable food in your area, click through to our regional map and explore what’s on offer where you live.