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    Before You Buy

    Why Range Cooking

    We believe that cooking on a Leisure range cooker is the most efficient, stylish and enjoyable way to prepare meals for your family or a dinner party for friends.

    Leisure owners know why our cookers are the best choice for them - our products offer greater freedom to cook what they want, how they want it, and for as many people as they'd like.

    With all the benefits of range cooking, your Leisure cooker will become the heart of your home - and the hub of your kitchen. A smart, chic and inspired choice.

    Cooking made easy and enjoyable

    Find out how the extra features on a range cooker make a real difference to your cooking.

    Everything you need

    Every Leisure range cooker has at least two large ovens and a generous hob, providing you with all the space needed to cater for large groups of family and friends, Some Leisure cookers have multifunctional ovens, warming zones, giddle plates and wok burners, giving you even greater confidence in experimenting with new recipes and cuisines, or perfecting old classics!

    Enjoy more relaxed entertaining

    With a conventional cooker, timing and temperatures need to be monitored closely, and trays juggled in and out of ovens to get food ready on time. The extra capacity and programmable timers on a range cooker mean this is far more manageable, leaving you more relaxed. With 'Keep Warm'zones available in some models, entertaining is made that little bit easier.

    Add theatre to your kitchen

    enjoy cooking by creating a live experience in your kitchen – charcoal meat on the griddle or use the wok burner to create an authentic stir fry! Impress your guests with your culinary flair whilst the side dishes and dessert are quietly bubbling away in the oven.

    The Stylish alternative to built-in cookers

    Stylish, practical and space efficient, discover why you need a Leisure range cooker.

    A style statement

    In contrast to conventional cookers, hobs and built-in ovens, a Leisure range cooker makes a real design statement in any kitchen - whether you want to showcase your sleek professional style, or emphasise the warmth and welcome of your home. With some great styles and beautiful finishes to choose from, Leisure provides design and performance that you won't find anywhere else.

    Practical and space-efficient

    The convenience of having multiple main ovens, storage space and a large hob all in one appliance makes a range cooker hugely space-efficient. For just 30cm more than a normal freestanding cooker, you can have up to three ovens, an extended hob area, grill and a wok burner.

    More cooking features

    Leisure 90cm, 100cm and 110cm cookers boast a large hob with at least five burners – some models also include a wok burner or hotplate. These variations allow you to cook in the way that you prefer, whilst telescopic shelves and cook clean catalytic liners make cleaning your cooker easy and stress free.

    Designed to suit your style and home

    Range cookers are not just for large country kitchens, they are equally at home in smaller or more contemporary settings.

    A choice of sizes and Styles

    With a range of sizes and colours, Leisure has a range cooker that will complement your design choices beautifully - whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary design.

    Like the look but don't have the space?

    The Range 60 cooker has been specially developed for those who have an existing kitchen or a smaller space, so they can enjoy the look and feel of a classic range cooker with all the modern benefits.

    Bring colour to your kitchen

    Leisure have added new colours to their range, so you can choose from classic black, cream, contemporary stainless steel or silver. Why not add a splash of colour with red and blue?