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    Shellfish Trend - Oysters and Razor Clams

    By Niamh Shields -

    Who doesn't love shellfish? People don't cook with them enough, or are afraid to. Shellfish are one of the easiest and speediest foods you can cook. And there are so many flavours that complement them. All cultures with a coast have seafood recipes, so there are lots of flavours to explore.

    Oysters are terrific shucked and downed raw solo, or with the dressing of your choice. Have you ever tried to cook them? So good. Traditionally oysters were a food of the poor, and it is only in recent years that they have begun to be perceived as high end. There are many oyster farms too, making them a very sustainable choice. In season, you must try the UK’s native oysters.

    Razor clams are a joy, and very easy to manage. Your fishmonger will be able to get these for you, or they may already have them. Popular in Asian and mainland European cuisine, they are also hugely popular in North America; although their razor clams are a little different to ours.

    Shellfish has always been popular in restaurants, and now they are increasingly popular with home cooks, keen to recreate dishes from their travels. Encouraged by recipes shared on blogs and online, the barriers and worries people had about cooking them at home disappear.

    Sourcing good quality shellfish is easier than ever. There are so many brilliant online retailers as well as local fishmongers that sell good quality shellfish. Do take care to eat in season, particularly with razor clams. For oysters, this is less of an issue.

    I’m excited to be working with Leisure and creating this recipe for the Fish Tribe. It gives me a chance to share my love of shellfish and hopefully inspire people to make this dish at home. Enjoy!

    If you fantasise over fish dishes, make preparing them easy with a Leisure range cooker. With so many exciting ways to prepare fish and shellfish, make sure you’re getting the most from the flavours with an electric range cooker.