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    Kitchen Designs with Range Cookers

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    range cooker in kitchen

    For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. They are used by the family every day and are an entertainment centre when friends come to visit. When redesigning a kitchen, it is important to create a space that works for your needs.

    If you’ve decided that a range cooker is the perfect focal point for your space, you’ve made a wise choice. After all, range cookers in kitchens make hosting dinner parties and cooking big family meals simple. A range cooker gives you ultimate flexibility when cooking by allowing you to cook in different ovens at different temperatures. So, you'll have no trouble crisping potatoes, slow-roasting meats, and cooking Yorkshire puddings all at the same time.

    Despite a 90cm range cooker being only 30cm wider than a standard oven, including range cookers in kitchens will likely involve remodelling to cater for the additional space. With this in mind, here are some classic kitchen designs with range cookers included, so you can visualise how a range cooker would look in your space.

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    4 ways to design your kitchen around a range cooker

    1. Straight-line kitchens

    Straight-line kitchen with range cooker

    If space is at a premium, designing your new kitchen along a single wall can create the illusion of space.

    In this classic design, your fridge freezer is usually placed at one end of the wall, and your range cooker is placed at the other. The sink is then placed centrally to break up the space, and worktops run at either side above the cupboard space.

    By designing your kitchen along a single wall, you’ll create additional space for socialising and entertaining. By placing your dining table adjacent to your range cooker, you’ll be able to interact with guests while you cook. This will also create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

    If you opt for a 100cm range cooker in this space, you’ll have up to 192L of versatile cooking space. Alternatively, if you’d like to turn your food preparation into an interactive experience, you can add a kitchen island and some stools opposite your single-wall kitchen. This is a perfect way to create a sociable space, allowing guests to gather and watch you cook.

    2.L-shaped kitchens

    Rustic diner with warm oak

    For many families with medium-sized spaces, L-shaped kitchens provide the perfect blend. This is because an L-shaped kitchen offers plenty of worktop space without compromising on an open-plan feel. As L-shaped kitchens only use two walls, they’re a great design choice if you’re looking to create a social space that’s ideal for entertaining. Plus, the layout also allows for multiple cooks and rooms to mingle, which is perfect if someone’s fetching drinks while you cook.

    In an L-shaped kitchen, range cookers are usually placed on the shorter of the two walls. The fridge is also positioned on this wall. By leaving the elongated wall open, you maximise the area for food preparation and create the illusion of open space. This design will leave you with plenty of room, so it's worth opting for a 100cm range cooker. If one of the walls you’re using has a window on it, then it’s traditional to place the sink here.

    To create a relaxed kitchen-diner in your new room, consider adding a table and chairs in the far corner of the room, away from the window. This will prevent the kitchen area from feeling too cramped and will ensure the space never feels dark.

    3. U-shaped kitchens

    Rustic diner with warm oak

    U-shaped kitchens are perfect if you have a passion for cooking because the layout provides you with easy access to all the kitchen’s crucial areas. Plus, the design allows you to maximise both worktop and storage space, so it’s great for busy families.

    U-shaped kitchens usually follow the rule of the ‘kitchen triangle’. This means that if you draw a line between your stove, sink and fridge, you’ll create a triangle shape. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and you can place all of your major appliances on one side of the kitchen if you want to avoid crossing the space regularly.

    With a U-shaped kitchen design, the wall that features the range cooker is often utilised for extra storage space, with one wall-mounted cabinet at either side of the hob or range cooker hood. But, if you’re using wall-mounted cabinets, then it’s important that you also consider the importance of downlighting and artificial light. This way, you’ll prevent the space from feeling too dark.

    4. Open-plan kitchens

    Open-plan kitchen

    If you have a large kitchen-diner, then converting it into an open-plan area will make the space light, spacious and ideal for hosting. But, to make an open-plan kitchen design work, you need to create separate zones. If not, you’ll always feel like you’re in the kitchen when you’re sitting on the sofa or at the dining table.

    One great way of accomplishing this is to build a kitchen island or peninsula that marks the edge of the kitchen. This space will be perfect for food prep and the open space around it will connect the kitchen to the rest of the room as long as you keep the area free from clutter.

    In an open-plan kitchen, a range cooker can be a real focal point for the space. A 110cm range cooker will draw the eye without dominating the space. Plus, it will give you plenty of storage capacity and cooking compartments. 

    Which range cooker works best?

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