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    Tear And Share Bread

    By Lauren at

    This is definitely a showstopper. It is delicious and disappears faster than you can say “I’ve just made some fresh tear and share bread, would anyone like some?” It’s that good!

    Tear And Share Bread

    Tear And Share Bread

    This is a definite showstopper, garlic butter, cheese and sundried tomato tear and share bread. Bake it today.



    Serves 4-6

    • 500g strong white bread flour
    • 5g salt
    • 7g dried fast action yeast
    • 40ml olive oil
    • 320ml water


    1. Add the flour and salt to one side of the bowl, and add the yeast to the other side. Pour in the oil and roughly two thirds of the water. Mix and gently knead the dough. Pour in the remaining water a little at a time, making sure that the dough doesn’t become too wet.
    2. Knead until the dough forms a smooth ball. Put the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with cling film and let it prove until it’s doubled in size. This should take a couple of hours.
    3. Then you need to push the air out of the dough by knocking it back. Fold the dough in on itself several times until smooth.
    4. Drizzle the butter all over the dough and spread it with the back of a spoon.
    5. Sprinkle the tomatoes all over the dough. You could also chop them up but I wanted big chunks of tomato! Then grate some cheese over. I used Gruyère and Parmesan and it was wonderful.
    6. Roll the dough lengthwise, from one long end to the other. Then cut the roll into slices about 2cm thick. Pack them tightly into a lightly oiled tin. Make sure there is only one layer – you’ll probably have to squish them all in. The tin I used was about 25cm in diameter.
    7. Roll the dough into a rectangle shape, making sure it is no thinner than 1-2cm thick. Now for the fun bit adding all your flavours! I opted for a garlic butter, cheese and sundried tomato combination.
    8. To make the garlic butter, melt about 50g of butter, add one finely chopped garlic clove and two tablespoons of freshly- chopped parsley.
    9. Pop the tin in a pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes. The oven should be about 200°C. When it’s golden-brown on top, it’s ready! Let the bread cool on a wire rack – be careful when you move it!
    10. Now all you have to do is tear it up and enjoy! And the best bit? The next time you make this you can change all the flavours!

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