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    Leisure Range Cooker Specialist Features

    Discover the main features found in our Leisure range cookers. This guide to our key features will ensure you get the most from your cooker and impress your friends and family in the kitchen. We combine the versatility of a cooker with the special features people want to make life in the kitchen that bit simpler and easier.

    Telescopic Racks

    Telescopic Racks

    Checking up on your food in now easier than ever with Leisure’s telescopic oven shelf! This innovative addition to Leisure range cookers supports itself without the need to be held and is perfect for checking on how your baking is cooking with safer and smoother access to the cooking tray.

    For a quick skewer test on your bake-in-progress or to add the final touches to your dish, simply slide out the telescopic rack now available on selected models.

    Cook Clean Catalytic Liners

    Cook Clean Catalytic Liners

    Tired of scrubbing your oven clean? Fat and grease collecting around the bottom? A weird burning smell when you cook? It’s time to choose a Leisure range cooker with Cook Clean Catalytic Liners.

    With these modern additions to all Chefmaster, Cuisinemaster, and Cuisinemaster Pro range cookers, you can catch grease and cooking oil as it falls inside of your oven, making cleaning an absolute doddle!

    When purchasing one of our range cookers featuring catalytic liners, you’re saving yourself time scrubbing your oven, leaving more time to enjoy the food that comes out of it.

    Slow Cooking

    Slow Cooking

    If you’re craving some more freedom for your culinary exploits, then you need the Leisure Slow Cooking feature found on all 100cm and 110cm Cuisinemaster range cookers. This 33L slow cook oven comes with a minimum temperature of just 50°C so you can cook the stews that hit the right spot.

    Dedicated Grill

    Dedicated Grill

    Looking for a healthy twist to your food? When you choose the dedicated grill, you open a wide range of dishes for your cooker. This large tray is supported by durable telescopic runners, meaning you won’t need to hold it as you slide it out.

    Enjoy even distribution of heat across the whole tray and perfectly grill everything from garlic stuffed mushrooms to cheese on toast.

    Find these on the majority of our Leisure range cookers

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    Removable Inner Door Glass and Side Racks

    Removable Inner Door Glass and Side Racks

    Find removable inner door glass and side racks across all Leisure range cookers. Both can be easily removed for effortless cleaning to make your life simpler.

    Durable Cast Iron Pan Supports

    Durable Cast Iron Pan Supports

    The cast-iron pan supports found on Leisure gas hob range cookers gives you all the stability your cooking needs while giving your kitchen the professional finish it deserves.

    Wok Burner

    Wok Burner

    To get a truly authentic Asian dish, choose a Leisure gas hob with a wok burner. With a high powered twin gas burner that gives an even heat distribution to even a large wok so you can rustle up those tasty stir-fries. These are now found on the majority of our duel fuel range cookers.



    For a healthier alternative to frying, you can now cook your meat, fish, or vegetables on the griddle for that Insta-perfect chargrilled finish. Ideal for everything from bacon to French toast. Find this on the Cuisinemaster CS100FMIR.

    Glass Hob Cover

    Glass Hob Cover

    Protect the wall behind your Leisure cooker with the aesthetic glass cover that keeps surfaces clean and clear of splashback for the next use, while protecting your range cooker when not in use. Found on the Chefmaster range cookers.

    Multifunction Oven

    Multifunction Oven

    When it comes to inspiring your inner chef, few can do it quite like our Multifunction Oven. Choosing this innovative kitchen technology combines twelve advanced functions to ensure that you can do everything the professionals do in your kitchen.

    Find this on our Cuisinimaster CS110F722 range cooker.

    Top and bottom heating

    Enjoy bilateral heating – a pioneering feature that keeps your food heated simultaneously from both the top and the bottom of the oven. This makes baking cakes, pastries, and casseroles a doddle, ensuring that your showstoppers are never uneven again.

    Fan supported bottom and top heating

    With this oven, a minimalist fan distributes hot air evenly throughout the oven, allowing for an even bake. This works in tandem with the oven’s bilateral heating feature.

    Fan heating

    Fan ovens are the prime choice of professional cooks and bakers worldwide. It works by sending out the warm air heated in the rear heater throughout the oven in even whirls. Now suitable for cooking at different rack levels, without the need to preheat!

    3D Function

    Make the most of the three dimensions of oven heating for a comprehensive cooking experience.

    Pizza function

    Tired of your pizza coming out too dry? Too overcooked? Even burnt? With the new pizza-special function on this oven, you’ll only enjoy the perfect pizza.

    Full grill and fan

    With the rapid distribution of grill heating via the rear fan, your grill will heat food from above while also circulating air evenly throughout the rest of the food to ensure even warming.

    Full grill

    Designed at the ceiling of the oven, this oven’s large grill is ideal for grilling even large amounts of meat. Experiment with grilling styles to discover what more this grill can offer you and discover new ways to cook your favourite dishes.


    You can also choose the smaller grill installed in the oven ceiling which is suitable for both grilling and gratin dishes, allowing you to cook bread and other foods to your liking.

    Slow cooking

    If you’re looking to save power or reduce your energy usage, slow cooking is a super useful feature in this oven! Instead of the fan setting, switch to slow cooking to save on power. It will increase your cooking time slightly.

    Bottom heating

    Or choose the bottom heating for your oven if you’re looking for an entirely bottom heated oven experience, suitable for browning the bottom of your food.

    Keep warm

    One of our most popular features! With this function, you can keep your food at its optimal temperature for as long as you like before serving it.

    Operating with fan

    This oven choice is not heated and is instead powered by the rear wall fan. This makes it ideal for thawing frozen granular food gradually at room temperature and cooling down cooked food.

    Not all features are included in every model. Please refer to product specifications.