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    How to Find the Best Deal on Range Cookers

    There's no denying that purchasing a new range cooker is a big investment. It can take a big chunk out of savings, so you not only want to be buying the best quality range cooker possible but also getting a great deal if you can. Range cookers are incredibly versatile and make cooking easier and more streamlined than ever before. So, is it possible to get a good deal when shopping for range cookers? In this guide, we cover how to find the best range cooker deals for your kitchen, plus how Leisure is committed to helping you find a range cooker that is worth every penny.

    Range Cooker Shop Around

    1. Shop around

    Our first tip when buying a range cooker would be to shop around. Don't instantly opt to buy from the first retailer you visit or see online, as you may be missing out on savings elsewhere. Look both online and in physical retailers to see if there are any deals to be had. Draw up a list of retailers that offer the Leisure cooker you're after and compare prices to identify where you can make savings. Taking the time to complete this research means you have the potential to save your hard-earned cash. Hundreds of stores and retailers, both big and small, stock Leisure range cookers, so you'll be spoilt for choice when shopping around. Find a full list of our retailers here to locate a store near you.

    2. Wait for known sales days

    There is no better time to snag a decent saving than in a sale. Stores and retailers often run discount events at ad-hoc times throughout the years, as well as more popularised events like Black Friday. If you are willing to bide your time, hanging around for sales opportunities is a great way to save some money on a new range cooker. At Leisure, we usually run a cashback promotion at least once a year, in 2022 we are running a cashback promotion in the lead up to Christmas so do look out for that.

    Consider signing up to the retailer's mailing list so you're always quick to know about any flash sales they may be running. When it comes to Black Friday deals, proceed with caution and do your research, some studies suggest that retailers can often hike up their prices with simply an illusion of saving money.

    Find a suitable range cooker

    3. Find a range cooker suitable for you

    When purchasing a range cooker, though saving money is enticing, it is important not to let that blind you when it comes to quality. At the end of the day, if you manage to save money on a lower-quality cooker that breaks down shortly after purchasing, you're not really saving money in the long run. Try to look at the bigger picture, and understand that an investment in a quality Leisure range cooker, that can last over 10 years, is better than forking out for a replacement cooker. You can also consider re-evaluating which range cooker is the best value for money. For example, do you really need the largest and most expensive option? Or could your needs be met with a smaller and more budget-friendly range cooker option?

    4. Consider your kitchen layout: Will you incur extra costs?

    When purchasing a range cooker, you may also be concerned about other factors such as kitchen renovations. These costs can mount up quickly. If you've been considering a full kitchen renovation, and getting a range cooker, it may be more cost-effective to complete both tasks at the same time. This is opposed to doing them separately and potentially paying separate costs for both. With range cooker installations come certain extra costs like ventilation, tiling and decorative work that may be more cost-effective when included as part of your kitchen renovation. Prior to starting any new work on your kitchen, do your research and then sit down and calculate how much the work you want to be completed, plus a new range cooker, would cost. Draw up multiple scenarios and see which works out more cost-effective to get the best deal.

    chicken cooking on range cooker

    5. Get a good deal on installation costs

    When purchasing a range cooker, you ultimately need to factor in the additional costs of installation. In most cases, you will need to find a licensed installer to fit the range cooker in your home. Some retailers may provide this as an included or extra service, but you can also reach out to local tradespeople to assist with this. Again, make sure you do your research to make sure you're not only getting a good deal but also finding someone who can deliver quality work. Utilise websites, read reviews on any new tradesperson you are considering using, and don't necessarily always go for the cheapest option. You need someone who will fit your oven safely and effectively, and this may mean paying a little extra in some instances. Using your retailer's services may make the process of buying an installation more streamlined but be aware that they may charge significantly more than private trades workers.

    Finding a good deal for a Leisure range cooker

    Finding the perfect range cooker at a good price point involves a certain amount of time, effort and research. The main takeaway however is that no discount is worth compromising on quality. Luckily, here at Leisure, lack of quality is never something you have to be concerned about. Our vast range of cookers are stocked by some of the biggest retailers in the country and deliver innovative cooking solutions for every household. Take a browse on our website to find your dream cooker today.