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    60cm Cooker Buyers Guide

    Many people want all the benefits of a powerful and stylish modern range cooker, but feel they lack the available kitchen space for the traditional 90cm, 100cm, or 110cm wide models. However, even if limited space is an issue in your kitchen layout, don’t assume the range cooker style is out of the question.

    Leisure offers a range of 60cm cookers for those of us working around more compact kitchen designs. If you’re in a similar position, our selection of 60cm cookers offer an ideal solution, with a variety of products designed and built to fit neatly into an existing standard-width oven space.

    Let’s take a closer look at what 600mm wide range cookers can offer in terms of features, fuels, power, and practicality.

    Why choose a 60cm cooker?

    Why choose a 60cm cooker?

    The number one reason for most people opting to go with a 60cm mini range cooker is the limited availability of kitchen space for a larger 100cm or 110cm model.

    It’s becoming more common for modern kitchens to be designed as larger, more open-plan spaces, acting as busy household hubs. If you're planning on making layout modifications to accommodate a range cooker as part of your kitchen redesign, then allowing for an additional foot of space to house a 90cm model will give you even greater flexibility at mealtimes.

    However, this isn’t always practical; many homes have more compact kitchens, making a full-width freestanding range cooker unrealistic. Remodelling is often expensive and won’t always fit within budget if you’re just looking for a quick kitchen refresh. That’s where our 60cm range cookers come in - they’re the same width as a standard-sized oven, meaning you might not have to make any modifications to your existing unit layout.

    As well as being hugely beneficial for those not wishing to remodel, 600mm cookers offer a versatile, stylish, and feature-packed alternative to standard conventional single ovens. They also benefit from the numerous advantages that a freestanding appliance can provide over a fully built-in unit.

    Despite their narrower width than full-sized modern range cookers, features you’re likely to find across the Leisure range cooker 60cm line-up include: two separate oven compartments for added flexibility, fully programmable oven controls for convenient timings, auto on-off functionality, powerful fan-assisted cooking on 60cm electric cookers and 60cm dual fuel cookers, and enhanced technology such as the Cook Clean liners that offer effortless cleaning.

    Gas or Electric Fuel Type

    Which fuel type?

    Just like our traditional range cookers widths, our 60cm mini range cookers are available in a variety of fuel types to suit your cooking preferences and kitchen lifestyle needs.

    A 60cm electric cooker offers you fast heating, fully fan-assisted cooking, and the safety and convenience of all-electric cooking. Hobs made from ceramic and glass are sleek and low-profile, adding to the overall impression of a smaller, sleek-lined, and more compact unit.

    A 60cm gas cooker benefits from the rapid heating and powerful temperature control of gas cooking, with an arrangement of four powerful instant-heat burners on the cast iron hob. Equipped with a gas-powered oven, you can benefit from exceptionally fast preheating times on those busy days.

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    Stainless Steel Range Cooker

    Cooker colours

    When purchasing a range cooker, though saving money is enticing, it is important not to let that blind you when it comes to quality. At the end of the day, if you manage to save money on a lower-quality cooker that breaks down shortly after purchasing, you're not really saving money in the long run. Try to look at the bigger picture, and understand that an investment in a quality Leisure range cooker, that can last over 10 years, is better than forking out for a replacement cooker. You can also consider re-evaluating which range cooker is the best value for money. For example, do you really need the largest and most expensive option? Or could your needs be met with a smaller and more budget-friendly range cooker option?

    Will a 60cm cooker fit in a 60cm gap?

    Despite being freestanding, and therefore easy to relocate when required, a 60cm range cooker from Leisure will fit into a 60cm gap in your existing units much like any standard-width conventional single oven or built-in appliance would.

    A 60cm cooker hood should also present no space issues when planning for a standard kitchen layout. Check out our selection of integrated cooker hoods - offering powerful extraction and filtration in a pleasingly compact footprint.