Professional style cooking to impress your guests. Leisure Cuisinemaster range cookers provide versatile cooking options for all levels of culinary expertise. Contemporary styled, the range cooker models come with three ovens and modern features.

Available in all sizes 110cm, 100cm, 90cm and 60cm and a range of fuel types.

Available in black and stainless steel.

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Modern Styling

Clean lines help Cusinemaster fit into modern kitchens Contemporary styling combined with traditional range cooking settings, Leisure Cuisinemaster's are designed to complement your modern kitchen and allow you to cook up with a feast with the helpful functions and features.The easy clean features help keep the maintenance required to a minimum.

True Fan Cooking

Faster cooking and more even results Fan cooking is ideal for fast and even cooking results. The circular element combined with fan motor and specially designed cavity ensures that the oven temperatures are even throughout, and things heat up quickly. It will allow you to cook most things at a lower temperature and in a shorter time.

Conventional Cooking

Great for Baking. Static/conventional cooking uses two elements at the top and bottom of the oven, relying on natural convection to circulate the air in the oven. This slower and more natural air movement is loved by bakers as it allows cakes and breads to rise better. If your baking a fruit cake or a bloomer, this is the perfect function for you.

Cook Clean Liners

Catalytic liners for easy cleaning. Cook clean liners are specially coated panels installed on the side walls of the main ovens. When cooking at high temperatures fat spits, dirt and grime are burnt off - removing the need to scrub the oven walls to keep them clean.

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